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Our topical bible studies are called Focus Groups. We have many Focus Groups available, coed and women only. Find the one where you belong!

Register online for the 2019 Spring Focus Groups and pick up your book in class on the start date.



In His Image

Length: 6 weeks
Wednesdays, 6:30-7:45p
Starts: April 3
Spanish Trail Campus, Room 206
Book Fee: $11
Leader: Kathy Green
Childcare Provided? Yes

Sometimes we ask what is God’s will for my life, when we should really be asking who should I be? The Bible has an answer. Be like the very image of God. By exploring ten characteristics of who God is –holy, loving, just, good, merciful, gracious, faithful, patient, truthful, and wise–this book helps us understand who God intends for us to be. Through Christ, the perfect reflection of the image of God, we will discover how God’s own attributes impact how we live, leading to freedom and purpose as we follow His will and are conformed to His image.


Chronological Bible Study with Bible Doctrine

Length: Ongoing
Mondays, 6:30-8:00p
Starts: January 16
Nine Mile Campus, L109
Book Fee: $35
Leader: Vicky Bell

A multi-year, verse-by verse study using a chronological Bible, with concurrent studies in systematic theology, apologetics, and Bible doctrine.


The Mingling of Souls

Length: 8 weeks
Wednesdays, 6:30–7:45pm
Starts: April 3
Spanish Trail Campus, Room 208
Leader: Dan & Rachael Davis
Book Fee: $10
Childcare Provided? Yes

We are inundated with songs, movies, and advice that contradicts God’s design for love and intimacy. Emotions rise and fall with a simple glance, touch, kiss or word. Against this cultural sway, the author of this study offers an eternal, counter-intuitive perspective on love from the biblical book Song of Solomon.

Spiritual Disciplines

Length: 8 weeks
Wednesdays, 6:30–7:45pm
Starts: April 3
Spanish Trail Campus, Room 207
Leader: Louie & Wanda Carlton
Book Fee: $8
Childcare Provided? Yes

Drawn from a rich heritage, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life will guide you through a carefully selected array of disciplines. By illustrating why the disciplines are important, showing how each one will help you grow in godliness, and offering practical suggestions for cultivating them, this study will provide you with a refreshing opportunity to become more like Christ and grow in character and maturity. Now updated and revised to equip a new generation of readers, this anniversary edition features in-depth discussions on each of the key disciplines.