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The Lord Jesus taught His disciples in the setting of a small group. At Hillcrest, we follow our Lord’s example in Growth Groups. Growth Groups meet for a number of weeks to study the Bible together. These studies are organized by topic and are available for men and women of all ages. We encourage you to jump in and take your next steps in becoming like Christ.

Growth Group studies are based on three elements of Ephesians 4:15-16, equipping, doctrinal and maturity.


These are GROWTH GROUPS that are designed to teach a specific skill. Example: Prayer, evangelism, discipling, parenting


These are GROWTH GROUPS that are designed to teach sound doctrine. Example: Who is Jesus? What is Faith?


These are GROWTH GROUPS that are designed to teach Christian character. Example: How can I be more joyful? Content? Patient?

A Growth Group (GG) is a seasonal small group of Hillcrest disciples who study the Bible together for the purpose of becoming like Christ. Ephesians 4:11-16 is the passage for our vision of Growth Groups. Pastors and teachers were given by Christ for the growth of disciples by equipping the saints for ministry work, for attaining unity of the faith, and for maturity. Thus, there are three categories of Growth Groups that we offer: equipping, doctrinal, and maturity.

GGs usually gather on Wednesday night, but some gather on other days throughout the week. All GGs meet on Hillcrest campuses.

GGs are offered seasonally. There is a Spring, Summer, and Fall set of offerings each year. You can find the current offerings listed below. Also, you can contact Pastor Eric Mitchell at, and he can provide you direction on your Growth Group options.

Once you have reviewed the available offerings, and decided which one is best for you, you may join the GG by registering online. Most GGs have a fee to cover book costs. Once you pay for your book, it will be available at the first meeting.

Absolutely! Please join us on the second meeting. And if you determine that you cannot attend at all, you may join the same GG in a future offering.

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Basic Christianity

Nine Mile Campus Room Heritage Hall View Map
sunday 9:30

Do you feel alienated from God? Do you wonder, who is Jesus? Why was he crucified? Did he really rise from the dead? Is it plausible that he was truly divine? Whether you are seeking to understand the Christian faith for the first time or looking to be reminded of the basics, our Basic Christianity Growth Group offers a clear and full explanation of the Gospel. This simple introduction to Christianity aims to be as clear and relevant for seekers and skeptics as it is for new and seasoned believers.

  • length: 4 Weeks
  • starts: July 25
  • leader: Jim Carmack
  • book fee: Free
  • childcare provided: yes

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