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The Mission of Hillcrest

Hillcrest exists to help people in becoming like Christ who worship God, connect with others, serve the world, and invest in someone.

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putting the word into action

We want to provide you with resources to help you navigate life and take a deeper dive into your relationship with God. You can find helpful tools for a variety of situations right here.

Competencies model

There are some things in the Christian walk that should be givens, and a great place to start in your discipleship journey.

This model breaks down into 3 Core areas:

Use these as a guide as you are being discipled and discipling others.

Put off & put on: Your action plan

Use this resource as a guide to help you put off the bad and put on the good that God has for us. It will walk you through how to do that and will give you a plan of action to stay accountable with your discipler.

worldview model

To have a biblical world view is to make decisions grounded in biblical principles based on what we can understand of God and his character, ourselves and our purpose, our sin, and the solution, and truth as God has revealed that to us in his word.

Click below to download a resource to aid in discussing competencies and worldview with your discipler.

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