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When we meet in small groups to study the Bible, that is when we see the most powerful growth. Go deeper in your relationship with God and share that with your D-Group

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The Lord Jesus taught His disciples in the setting of a small group. At Hillcrest, we follow our Lord’s example in Discipling Groups (D-Groups).  D-Groups meet each week for 12-18 months to engage Scripture, pray with and for each other, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another for accelerated spiritual growth.  In addition to the Great Commission charge in Matthew 28:20, 2 Timothy 2:2 is the foundational passage for our vision of D-Groups.  We strive for a culture of disciples making disciples for the glory of God.    

A Discipling Group (D-Group) is concentrated, gender-specific closed group of 3-5 believers (including the leader) for the purpose of accelerated spiritual growth.  The Great Commission of our Lord Jesus commands us to teach disciples “to obey all that Jesus has commanded” (Matthew 28:20).  So, each D-Group is characterized by Bible engagement, prayer, accountability, and evangelism for the purpose of becoming like Christ.  D-Groups meet for 12-18 months with a goal of replicating new groups afterwards.

The meeting time and place of D-Groups is entirely up to each individual group.  Many D-Groups meet on our church campuses, while many others meet in homes and coffee shops.  Likewise, D-Groups may meet any day of the week at the discretion of the leader and group.  Typically, a D-Group will meet once a week for 60-90 minutes.

Making disciples in a D-Group typically flows out of Connect Groups (CGs). Connect Groups are the “fishing ponds” for D-Groups. As people form friendships and bonds in Connect Groups, handfuls of them will decide to take the next step and begin a discipleship journey together in a D-Group.

If you would like to be in a D-Group, the best first step on the pathway is to join a Connect Group. If you are currently in a CG and desire to be in a D-Group, talk to your Connect Group leader.  

If you do not have a CG or still need help, you can contact the church office directly and we will help you find a D-Group. 

You may register to join a D-Group at any time.  If you are a man, click here to register for a D-Group.  If you are woman, click here to register for a D-Group.  After completing the registration form, you will be contacted by someone from our team to get you connected. 

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Connect Pastor | Spanish Trail
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Connect & Biblical Soul Care Pastor
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Connect Ministry Assistant

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