Gospel Fluency Handbook

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wednesday 6:30 pm

“I’m an unbeliever. So are you,” We slip in and out of believing God’s word about us and trusting in his work on our behalf. We forget who He is, what’s He’s done and in light of that who we are. Do these statements resonate with you? Then the Gospel Fluency Handbook was written for you. For those who’ve realized there are areas of life-your normal, everyday, busy life-where you disbelieve God, His goodness and His gospel. And, it’s for those who are keenly aware and weighted down by a failure to connect the way gospel truths actually matter to everyday life.

  • type of study: Coed | Equipping
  • length: 9 Weeks
  • starts: March 20
  • leader: Kevin Jones
  • book fee: $18
  • childcare provided: yes