COVID-19 Update, 2020

Update from Pastor Jim

As we announced on May 20, Hillcrest will once again begin meeting on Sunday, May 31. Bear in mind, the services that we conduct will be adjusted in a number of ways, so things won’t look exactly as they normally do, and you won’t be able to do everything that you’re normally accustomed to doing…at least for a while.
Allow me to highlight some things you should know as you prepare to “come home to Hillcrest.”
  • Service times will be adjusted as follows: Two worship services at Hillcrest Nine Mile at 8:30a and 11:00a; one worship service at Hillcrest Spanish Trail at 9:30a. The extra time between services at Nine Mile will allow adequate time for our Housekeeping Team to properly disinfect the utilized portions of our facilities between services. Services will be held to about an hour in length. Doors will open for seating at Nine Mile at 8:10a and will remain open for the length of the service. Doors at Spanish Trail will open at 9:00a.
  • As always, please use wisdom and balanced judgment when determining when or if you should congregate with others. If you’re sick or not feeling well, you should not come to church. Nor should you come if your health is compromised in any way, or if you may be in a high-risk category when it comes to coronavirus. As we do every week, we plan to continue our live online broadcasts, so you will still be able to access Hillcrest worship remotely. Please feel free to wear a mask when you come to church. While a limited number of masks will be available at Hillcrest, you are encouraged to bring your own mask if possible. Likewise, there will be plenty of hand sanitizer for you to use as needed.

8:30a Worship

Davis CG
Elliott CG
Hill CG
Lott CG
Partrick CG
Smith/Lackey CG
Trump CG
Carnley CG
Davis/Westmoreland CG
Hadden CG
Jordan CG
McBride CG
Mock CG
Peper CG
Forbes CG
Graf CG
Wright CG
Simmons CG
Venettozzi CG

11:00a Worship

Deaf & Signers CG
McKinney CG
Kent CG
Lindsey CG
Bradley CG
College CG
Griffin CG
Miller CG
Music and Platform CG
New Connect Group
Palmer CG
Picou CG
Special Education CG
Williamson CG
Young Married CG (Hollimon)
Young Professionals CG (Johnson)

  • Please try to attend the worship service assigned to your Connect Group. If you’re not currently in a Connect Group (note: you should be!), you are free to attend either of the services. Just be aware that we’ll be seeking to limit attendance at any one service to no more than 50% of the room’s capacity.
  • There will be no Connect Group meetings on campus, nor will there be Preschool services or Kids’ Ministry meetings thorough at least the end of June. The gym and recreation center will continue to remain closed until at least the end of June.
  • You will find the Worship Centers at each of our campuses properly set up to encourage social distancing. Since we will be adhering to current social distancing guidelines, the pews at Nine Mile will be cordoned off to encourage “every-other pew” seating, and the seating arrangement at Spanish Trail will be adjusted accordingly. Please help us by following the seating instructions you’re given when entering our facilities.
  • You may enter the Nine Mile campus by the main entrance doors either by the Generations Atrium or the Worship Center Lobby, or by the Office entrance should you need to enter by that parking lot and take the elevator up.
  • When you come onto our campuses you will not be greeted by cart drivers in the parking lot, but we will have folks to greet you. They’ll be holding signs welcoming you back, but will not be shaking your hands. In fact, while there will be a time for hand-shaking and neck-hugging, that time is not now, and those kinds of contact are discouraged as the pandemic continues to subside. In fact, the digital signage in our buildings will encourage social distancing while at church. There will be limited Next Steps Center personnel, and worship folders or other literature will not be personally handed to you by others.
  • Offerings will be received, but not by ushers passing collection plates. Offering plates will be positioned on tables at the exit doors with ushers nearby. You can simply drop your physical offering with them as you leave, or utilize the drop box in the Worship Center Lobby. Likewise, there will be no traditional altar call after the sermon, nor will there be opportunities to counsel with pastors after the service. Once the service is concluded, worshippers are encouraged to exit the building directly and quickly so cleaning services can commence.
  • The Worship Centers, restrooms, handrails, and other trafficked venues will be thoroughly cleaned before and after worship services.
  • At Nine Mile, the only restrooms open for use will be those in the Generations Atrium. Because of their tight quarters, the restrooms in the Worship Center Lobby or Office Lobby will not be available for use.

While we still aren’t in “perfect” gathering conditions, this is a good start to what we pray will result in more “normal” gatherings as the COVID-19 curve continues to flatten. Thank you for your continued faithfulness to our church, and for your cooperation in assembling in ways that are a bit different.

Let us know if you have any questions, and let me be the first to say, “Welcome back…and welcome home!”

Jim Locke | Senior Pastor
Hillcrest Baptist Church