FOCUS: (noun) the point at which an object must be positioned with respect to a lens or mirror for its image to be well defined. (verb) pay particular attention to.

Is your life IN FOCUS? Is your life positioned, with respect to Jesus, at a point that His image is well defined in you? The honest answer for most of us is we’ve all had seasons clearly focused on Christ and seasons completely out of focus. Regardless of you current season, we want to invite you to “pay particular attention to” the position of your life in one of our Focus Group Discipleship Classes. Focus Groups at Hillcrest are intentional opportunities for you to CONNECT with other believers in becoming like Christ. For more information contact Mariah Rollins in the Church Office.

Women's Studies


New Studies in the Fall

Facilitated by TBD  |  Life Application Study  |  Women Only
Wednesdays  |  6:30p  |  TBD |  All Campuses

 Weeks  |  Book Fee  |  

Join us for New Studies coming in the Fall. Check back later in the Summer for details.

Men's Studies


Intimacy: Understanding a Woman’s Heart

Facilitated by Ben Nelson
Wednesdays | Begins May 24
6:30p | L202
6 weeks | Book Fee $10

Intimacy: Understanding a Woman’s Heart is a Bible study for men and part of the “God’s Man Series” by Kenny Luck. If you want true intimacy and connection with a woman, you’ll need to grow up and graduate from God’s school of character. Few men would ever embark on an important project, a significant career change, or a major athletic challenge without gathering all the tactical knowledge possible to ensure a good outcome. Yet, when it comes to relationships with women, most men fail to apply the simple principles that make them successful in other areas of life. It may be easy to get into a relationship with a woman, but it’s not so easy to make the relationship work well. It takes energy. It demands effort. It requires education and understanding. God is available to help. But there’s a catch: God’s man must connect with God’s purposes before he can truly connect with his wife (or wife-to-be). God uses the marriage relationship to promote growth in men’s lives, because it shows us our character gaps and drives us to Him for solutions.


Sleeping Giant

Facilitated by Danny Brady  |  Wednesdays
6:30p  |  L201 | Begins May 24

6 weeks  |  $12 Book Fee

Vital for each member of the core team to use this for personal growth, team building, incorporating the model, beginning his own spiritual path, and taking notes during team meetings. Kenny Luck uses the term “sleeping giant” to describe the men in the body of Christ and the incredible untapped potential within. Pastors intuitively sense it but are sometimes unsure how to meaningfully engage and integrate the men of their churches. Sleeping Giant introduces a process to moving men along an intentional spiritual pathway from “affiliated” to “activated.” The Sleeping Giant model begins with a core team chosen by the pastor. Working together, this core team will create a vision for men based on the pastor’s vision for the church while initiating their own spiritual path. Through the six sessions, this core team will go through the process of Get In, Get Healthy, Get Strong, and Get Going. Upon completion, they will be ready to lead other men through that same process, creating a multiplying effect that spills over into the rest of the church and the community.

The four stages of effective men’s ministry:

  • Get In – to get men on a spiritual pathway with other men who share similar convictions
  • Get Healthy – to move men from surface conversations to deeper “below the water line” honesty
  • Get Strong – to build men into more biblically knowledgeable and more focused husbands, fathers, and leaders
  • Get Going – to send qualified disciples into ongoing ministries with the church

COED Studies